Distress Tolerance

What is Distress Tolerance?

This is when you feel comfortable and emotionally balanced within yourself to be able to deal with or manage difficult or uncomfortable situations, people or circumstances, in a way that you feel emotionally regulated, without being emotionally triggered. Distress tolerance is when we are able to cope with our emotions, holding positive beliefs about them, regardless of the situation, “I acknowledge all feelings, without judgement”.

Below are some of the common beliefs that people might have when they start to experience the negative emotions and what positive beliefs help to counteract this:

Distress Intolerance Thoughts

  • I can’t stand this
  • It’s unbearable
  • I hate this feeling
  • I must stop this feeling
  • Take it away
  • I can’t cope with this feeling
  • I will lose control
  • It’s weak to feel this way
  • I’ll go crazy
  • This feeling will go on forever
  • It’s bad to feel this way
  • It’s wrong to feel this way

Distress Tolerance Thoughts

  • I can handle this
  • I can cope
  • I accept and validate my feelings
  • I’m allowed to feel
  • I choose to know I can manage my feelings
  • I can cope, what does this feeling need right now?

  • I’m in charge now
  • I’m strong, I’m being the true me in validating my feelings
  • I choose to know that I’m learning all the time how to manage my feelings
  • I know this feeling will soon pass, what can I do now which will make me feel better?
  • I’m okay, it is okay to feel a range of emotions
  • I choose to no longer judge my emotions

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