Health & Wellbeing Program

Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed and anxious?

Chances are, you’re either eating it, drinking, smoking it or losing sleep over it? Our programs show you how to create life lasting changes. From quitting smoking and drinking less to losing weight and managing your stress, to shifting your mindset around money and relationships. Your Stress Management, Health & Wellbeing Program will be individually tailored for you, because what works for one person, won’t always work for another. And at the end of the program you’ll be healthier and less stressed. You will also have my helpful tools and empowering strategies to help you take back control of your life.

“You want to be fully supported by a warm, compassionate and calm professional who focuses on helping you achieve the results you desire.”

Common Symptoms of Stress & Anxiety

  • Lack of motivation
  • Insomnia
  • Procrastination
  • Lowered Self Image and Self Esteem
  • Emotional mood swings
  • Headaches and mood swings
  • Aches, pains & muscle tension
  • Sexual anxiety and performance
  • Bad habits ie Smoking; excessive eating; drinking; gambling

Benefits of the program

  • Increased confidence and motivation
  • Improved concentration
  • Clarity of thinking
  • Easier decision making
  • Healthier relationships
  • Improved sexual performance
  • Improved fertility
  • Emotional wellbeing
  • Improved work life balance
  • Improved Self Image and Self Esteem
  • Healthier lifestyle habits and patterns

Are you ready to discover a compelling future?

Create Change In 8 Powerful Steps

1. Uncover Subconscious Patterns We locate and uncover unhelpful faulty subconscious beliefs and negative behaviour patterns.

2. Re-Fire Helpful Neural Pathways Use therapeutic techniques to re-fire and re-wire helpful pathways of behaviour

3. Release Negative Emotional Responses Release unhelpful negative subconscious emotions and emotional responses

4. Release Anxiety, Overwhelm & Stress Eliminate the anxiety, overwhelm and stress cycle

5. Eliminating Inherited & Negative Unhelpful Beliefs We eliminate unhelpful inherited and limiting beliefs that block and sabotage your life goals, dreams and aspirations

6. Activate Internal Helpful Resources Activate and reinforce automatic internal behaviours of resilience and confidence to manage stressful situations, events or people

7. Activate Empowering Beliefs We lock in empowering positive beliefs to connect you to your passion, empowerment and purpose

8. Make Changes Permanent Reinforce all positive changes through hypnosis to maintain and sustain helpful subconscious, behaviours, beliefs and actions

Get Your Life Back On Track And Feel Amazing

Are you ready to create positive life changes and make them happen? Imagine life without the constant mind battle and struggle? Imagine feeling motivated, inspired and focused to achieve what you want in life? Imagine how your life experience would be without any emotional or mind blocks, which may have interfered in your peace of mind, or ability to enjoy and live the life you deserve; to thrive, not just get by and survive! You can leave behind the fear, anxiety and struggle. Tell us what you’d like to achieve and we can have a chat to discuss a tailored plan specific to your needs, and help you achieve the changes and outcomes, which are so important to you now, and not later on down the track over there! Our Health and Wellbeing Programs include a diverse and wide range of effective, evidence based, and proven therapeutic treatments. You are more than welcome to get in touch for an obligation-free chat, to ask any questions, or to schedule an appointment. It’s time to create the life you want to live, you deserve it!

Health and Wellbeing program is for you if:

  • You’re so used to anxiety, fear and worry clouding your thoughts that you can’t remember the last time you felt calm, relaxed and confident about your future.
  • You realize that the amount of alcohol you’re drinking isn’t helping you relax or dampen down your stress levels.
  • You want to quit smoking – for your family, your kids and for your own health benefits.
  • Your family, friends and colleagues ask why you’re so grumpy and moody all the time. But when you search for an answer, you’re not really sure. You just know that you’re a huge rut and aren’t sure how to get out of it.
  • You’ve had enough of living in a negative state of mind, of beating up on yourself for not doing better, of hearing others say that you’re ‘just not like you used to be anymore, that you’re not fun loving, relaxed and awesome to be around’.
  • You’re ready to reduce your stress, exhaustion, unhappiness and anxiety in your life, career and business.
  • You want to be fully supported by a warm, compassionate and calm professional who focuses on helping you achieve the results you desire.

Health and Wellbeing program is NOT for you if you’re:

  • Not willing to take responsibility for your own decision making,
  • Not open to making changes,
  • Not willing to invest in yourself to achieve the happiness (emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually) that you desire,
  • Unable to explore possibilities, ideas, new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving.

Are you ready to make a change?

You are very welcome to get in touch, for any enquiries or questions you may have, or to schedule an appointment.