I spoke with Nicola yesterday and was very impressed at her holistic approach and reasonable fees. I highly recommend her services.
I saw Nicola in April 2017. I did a program with her to help me get into the right headspace before I started IVF. She helped me learn how to reprogram how I react to certain emotions. After dealing with infertility and a traumatic loss, I really needed to do something to help and help she did. Even once I had finished my program, she counselled me over the phone when it came to starting my IVF treatment and I needed to give myself my first injection to start the process. Over 2 years later and the tools I learnt from the program are still useful and have help me improve myself as an individual as well as help me with motherhood. I highly recommend her.

It’s now been 8 weeks since meeting you and “YES” I am still a non smoker!  I can’t believe that after 30 years that this has been possible – I have had no cravings and feel so much more in control of my life.
I have great pleasure in telling people of what I have achieved with your help,  and friends and family have been astounded by the result. You will be pleased to know that I have booked my holiday back to the UK to celebrate my 50th Birthday as a “NON SMOKER” and my family are so proud of me.

Thank you so much – I know I was so ready for this journey, and with your help I have done something which I never thought was possible.


I came to you in July 2012 gave up the cigarettes and had our baby with our last frozen embryo with IVF, our baby was born by elective c-section at Waverley private on the 14/10/2013 247pm weighing 7lbs 2 oz. They all said my chances were low at the tender age of 43 to have such a healthy baby. Thanks to your help and changes in my lifestyle we have our precious bundle of joy! My husband and I want to wish you a very happy new year, and keep up the good work! You are most welcome to use our story as testament. If I can become a non smoker anyone can!


Just sending you a quick update to let you know how it’s going a week after my appointment.  I feel great and cannot believe how strong and determined I have been.  I was quite surprised not to have any cravings for the cigarettes and have not felt anxious or grumpy.  There is no way I’m ever going back when I feel so good.  I’m sure you’ll see some of my smoking friends in the future when they are ready, because they are amazed by my transformation.

Thanks again, the Hypnotherapy was like a magic switch.




When I came to see Nicola Lane about the ‘Virtual Gastric Banding’ program I was in fear for my health.  Now ten weeks on and ten kilos lighter I am optimistic and calm about my future.  I have found Nicola to be professional, supportive and caring and would recommend that anyone with a weight issue should consider this program.


You probably don’t remember me my name is Tracy, I was treated last year very successfully! I never touched another cigarette since leaving your session like i never smoked in the first place! I am now 23 weeks pregnant with our IVF baby this baby was our last chance our only frozen embryo and it worked! All is going well with the pregnancy. I cannot thank you enough for letting me be free of that filthy habit. Kind regards.


I hope all is well.

I just wanted to update you with my progress.

Firstly I cannot thank you enough for giving me the happy and comfortable feeling that I’m gaining control over my food addiction/obsession. Every day I’m amazed at just how much I’m changing and getting better at it all… Slow steps but they are actual changes not frustrated “for nows” and it’s really is do much easier than I thought it would be.

I’m currently 6 kilos down and very happy with it. Again, slowly and forever.

Iv also given your details out to quite a few friends/clients. I’m pretty sure Lisa Campbell is very keen for your help, she’ll prob contact you soon if she hasn’t already

And iv been doing the sleep talking on and off with my 4yo son too, not seen much change yet, but it can’t hurt to keep going with it.

Well thanks again, I’ll keep you posted with my weight loss, and let you know if I feel like a need another visit anytime soon.

Have a beautiful day.


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