Well what can I say? I am happy to say I feel terrific,

I found the whole experience was personal, quick and comforting to know that you have one goal, to assist me in stopping smoking,

The time you had taken to know my personal reasons and the time to discuss prior the session, was (I feel) a great way to break down some of the misbeliefs and to help build a trusting relationship with each other,

I had faith that you would work your magic, (and whilst you’re the expert) I put myself in your trusting hands and was completely at ease,

As I mentioned at the end of the treatment on the day, it felt a little surreal at the end of the treatment, but in the days since It still feels like a bit of a dream, (that I used to smoke), and whilst I know that I used to, I am a non smoker and cannot imagine my life now with a cigarette in it an every day my strength keeps growing,

I must say that I have had no cravings, (except for water!) have not felt anxious at all, and walk a little taller than I did before, it is surprising how simple it was to stop smoking using hypnotherapy…..(even after 30 years!)

If there is only one downside, it would be in the order for me to see you again; I would have to take up smoking! and sorry to say that is not going to happen, but on a serious note, Thank you so very much, you have not only relieved  me of an old enemy, but I have given a happy, confident outlook  and a new sense of self worth on life, , that I now forward for many years to come.

I have added the 18th of August as an anniversary in my calendar, so that I can not only celebrate each year that I am a non smoker, but as reminder to say a silent thank you to you also.

Once again, thank you so very much.