What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural state of focused awareness and a focused state of attention, which we naturally experience many times throughout the course of a day. Some people compare hypnosis to being in a bit of a day dream state, being fully engaged, concentrating on an activity or being absorbed in doing a repetitive task. In hypnosis you are accessing this natural state of mind and directed towards subconsciously creating positive, empowering and healthy life changes. Suggestions given in this heightened state of focused attention can change the belief systems in our subconscious mind, without being rejected by our conscious mind, and long lasting change can be achieved. Hypnosis is a safe and sensible process and works in alignment and support of your important values, concepts and goals, enabling change to happen automatically.

What can hypnotherapy treat?

Hypnotherapy can treat a variety of issues very successfully. Some of the most common ones are anxiety, depression, panic attacks, stress, social anxiety, unhelpful habits,weight loss, addictions, smoking, gambling, depression, fears and phobias, insomnia, grief and loss, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, low self-worth, emotional blocks and many other presenting issues. Most of our behaviour is triggered by our subconscious mind and hypnosis is a very effective therapy in helping to match up the way we want to think, with the way we want to behave, automatically without having to try and think about it. Hypnotherapy is a tailored approach and is assessed to the needs of each individual. Clients can notice positive changes and shifts in their behaviours, habits and responses from the first to several sessions. This varies for each individual, as we are all different and come with a range of varying issues, history and background. Hypnotherapy relies upon a team work approach and involves the client’s active participation and willingness to change. If you and your mindset are ready for change, rather than staying stuck in unhelpful habits, hypnosis can work highly effectively. Subsequently, how you think will match how you want to behave after the session. Clients’ find themselves leaving the sessions equipped with practical tools to interrupt their learned behaviours, deal with everyday experiences more effectively and are able to automatically behave in healthier ways.

How Does it Work?

Hypnotherapy challenges our subconscious beliefs and can help us find new ways to solve a variety of different issues. Our behaviour can run automatically based upon old outdated or inherited beliefs. Very often we already know what is best for us, however, sometimes it can be a real struggle to make a change in unhelpful patterns or habits no matter how hard we try. In your session, we help you to re-evaluate what unhelpful mindset blocks may be interfering in your life and getting in the way of achieving what you want. Through the pre-hypnosis process stage, we work together in helping to remove and release any unwanted mindset blocks and update them with a more empowering helpful mindset, the conscious mind. Very often long lasting changes can be made in our subconscious mind, where our deep belief systems and habits have been formed from early childhood onwards. In your hypnosis session, we work with your subconscious mind to receive all helpful, empowering and updated change you want to happen, automatically, with ease and flow. The process of hypnosis (subconscious) will help match behaviour, together with mindset (conscious), making your most important concepts and goals happen. Hypnotherapy increases our ability to tap into our own internal resources and inner strengths. Hypnosis creates the link in your ability to behave how you want. It feels very natural and automatic, because it is.

What to Expect in Your Hypnotherapy Session?

A hypnotherapy session may vary depending upon individual needs, presenting issue, history and background. Sessions can vary from 1 – 2 hours, which consists of discussion and counselling, a deeper understanding about you and your needs, exploring the presenting issue and a hypnotic experience.

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